PPC Checklist

PPC Checklist

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Succeeding in a single PPC campaign is quite an accomplishment, but delivering results time and time again is something else entirely. Being able to consistently produce campaigns that achieve results is the difference between an amateur and a professional search engine marketer.

In order to achieve consistent results, you need to follow a systematic process covering the same three core processes of research, implementation, and optimisation.

Use the following checklist whenever you’re launching a new campaign and don’t be scared of asking an agency about their PPC process and how they monitor and measure effectiveness:

  • Research: Business Goals
  • Research: Target Audience
  • Research: Keyword Research
  • Implementation: Campaign Structure
  • Implementation: Ad Copy
  • Implementation: Landing Page Development
  • Implementation: Campaign Settings
  • Optimisation: Statistical Analysis
  • Optimisation: Refinement
  • Optimisation: Bid Management

Ask yourself the following:

  • What goals does the PPC campaign need to fulfil?
  • What are the actions users should take on the website once they arrive?
  • How much is each action worth to the business?
  • Who are you targeting with this campaign?
  • Where do your ideal clients live?
  • Why does your target audience need this product/service?
  • What’s the frame of mind of your customers?
  • What keywords and phrases have you identified which are relevant to your particular campaign?
  • Is the copy you have written incorporating around 5 keywords to create a targeted campaign?
  • Have you included a call to action within the ad if appropriate?
  • What landing page are you sending them to?
  • What call to action do you have on the landing page?
  • Have you made sure your settings are correct when creating your campaign?
  • Have you linked in a reporting mechanism to track success?
  • Are you testing and refining your campaigns until you find one which is effective?
  • Have you calculated what a ‘click’ costs against the desired action i.e. £2.50 per click-through converted to £9 for a DVD?