DipM FCIM Cert.Ed


Working with SMEs throughout the North West to develop ideas, initiatives and activities aimed towards helping the business – and its people – reach their potential

Jean Atkinson is a Sales and Marketing Guru who works with you to ‘Make It Happen’

Jean Atkinson has been in sales and marketing for over two decades, working in both business and consumer markets within an international arena.

Holding senior positions on a global level, Jean’s wealth of experience has contributed to the growth of numerous SMEs and organisations over the years via her structured approach and ability to identify opportunities and deliver results.

Throughout her career, Jean has actively led and delivered on entering new markets, innovation and product development, processes & systems, research, employee engagement, brand repositioning, cultural change, franchising & licensing and much more.

A Chartered Marketer, Jean is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and takes the development of her own knowledge – and that of her clients – seriously.

Jean follows a continuous professional development programme (CPD) and is well-versed on both a strategic and tactical level. 

Jean holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, a degree in Business and Computing and is a qualified teacher. Jean has been a guest lecturer on both Level 4 and Level 6 programmes for the CIM, receiving four commendations from the CIM for the exceptional pass rates.

Any credible senior business development consultant should possess the relevant experience and knowledge to be able to advise and guide your business to success.

What really makes the difference is how they approach tackling the challenges which lay ahead.

Jean’s clients describe her as a no-nonsense, jargon-free, say-it-as-it-is individual who embeds herself within your company to get to know your market, your people and your proposition. All this is topped off with oodles of passion, fun and creativity.

Jean seeks out opportunities, asks the questions others won’t and works with you to achieve results.

When another person’s experience and point of view can make a difference to the performance of your business and its people

There are various triggers which prompt a business owner, senior manager or marketer to invite Jean into their company including:

  • interim cover for senior sales & marketing positions
  • organic, unplanned or rapid growth
  • requirement for strategic direction
  • focus on acquisition and retention of business
  • change in people or business direction
  • introduction of new products and services and innovation
  • entering new markets and new routes to market i.e ecommerce
  • requirements for sales & marketing processes and systems
  • staff development and internal communications

If it’s a sales and marketing plan or strategic support you’re after then look no further.

Jean works with SMEs on their sales and marketing plans as well as providing strategic direction as part of the Senior Management Team and at Board level for larger businesses.

Jean works with you over a period of 6-12 months to ensure you keep focused on the strategy and to address the sales and marketing challenges which may lay ahead. Typically this is delivered either weekly, fortnightly or monthly and is identified in the initial consultation.

If you find you’re lacking in sales or marketing direction at Board level, then Jean will attend Board meetings and bring the sales and marketing insights to the meeting in order to ensure strategies and activities are aligned with the strategic direction of the company.

Jean supports individuals and teams throughout the UK on developing their sales and marketing knowledge.

If you have recently promoted an individual to take on a more strategic role within the business, then Jean will come in and provide mentoring support over a period of 6-12 months to ensure they fully understand and are able to contribute on a strategic level;  carrying out research, creating strategies and managing their team.

If you have recently recruited and require 1-2-1 or group training, then Jean provides a range of tailored sessions covering topics such as understanding the sales & marketing process and sales techniques, thorough to tackling Mailchimp, metrics and customer engagement.

As a qualified teacher and guest lecturer on the CIM Level 4 and 6, Jean can provide you with mentoring and training that delivers results for both the individual and company.

Jean provides interim cover and recruitment support for Senior Sales and Marketing roles across the North West.

Whether this is due to maternity, illness or a vacant position, Jean will take on the role of managing your sales or marketing team until they return or a suitable person is recruited.

If you’re unsure as to what skill-set you are looking for, but know that you require a Senior person to manage the sales or marketing function, then Jean will work with you or your recruitment company to ensure you recruit the right person.

From identifying the skills gap within the business to interviewing potential candidates, Jean can support you every step of the way; minimising recruitment costs and time in the process.

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