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Mentoring For Entrepreneurs

Marketing mentoring is proven to be one of the most effective forms of support for entrepreneurs and marketers. I look back on my career and can identify many people over the years who I have received support and guidance from; whether formal or informal.

Like myself, most successful entrepreneurs and marketers will credit a good proportion of their success to the support, guidance and knowledge they received from their business or marketing mentor.

Marketing Mentoring Format

  • 4 x 90-minute online 1-2-1 marketing mentoring sessions over 2-months
  • Minutes of meeting and goal-setting
  • Accountability Buddy

Now it’s your turn to reap the benefits of marketing mentoring! By committing 100% to the process, clients find the journey enlightening, engaging, exciting and effective. Challenges will be addressed, ideas generated, strategies implemented, with accountability throughout the journey.

Start by arranging a discovery call where we can have an informal chat about you, your business, your challenges and how we can work together to move forward. Now’s the time to invest in yourself and achieve your personal and business goals.


Let me introduce Molly...

“Jean’s arrival into my life came when I needed it most. Struggling to maintain enthusiasm, focus and energy through tricky COVID times – she was the boost I needed to set me back on track, make me think outside the box and encourage me to explore revenue generating areas I hadn’t previously.

In a relatively short space of time she came to understand my home staging business which most people struggle to get their heads around and she quickly focused my attention on what I needed to work on to get to the next level. Jean has been the perfect mentor for me – she asks lots of questions, listens well and is genuinely interested in what is going on in my life which means she has a great understanding of where I’m coming from and where I want to be.

Jean’s extensive knowledge of marketing, sales, social media and all things digital is incredibly impressive and she has the ability to explain strategies clearly and make things seem achievable which I previously thought were beyond me. She doesn’t judge, often shares her own experiences which makes me realise that we all have had similar hills to climb at some stage and on top of that – she is fun!

Anyone who is fortunate enough to encounter Jean as a mentor, client or teacher will reap the rewards – I count myself lucky to have been introduced to her.”