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Marketing Consultancy

There are various triggers which prompt a business owner, senior manager or marketer to invite me into their business or organisation including:

  • focus on finding and keeping customers
  • organic, unplanned or rapid growth
  • requirement for strategic direction
  • change in people or business direction
  • interim cover for senior sales & marketing positions
  • introduction of new products and services and innovation
  • entering new markets and new routes to market i.e ecommerce
  • requirements for sales & marketing processes and systems
  • staff development and internal communications

If your marketing feels like a cost rather than an investment, you’re unable to evaluate the success of your activity or are just not interested in doing the marketing, then get in touch.


Let me introduce Suzanne...

“If you are looking for help with your website, marketing or sales, then Jean is the go to girl. She really is truly amazing and so passionate that you will wish you called her sooner! I can’t thank Jean enough and have highly recommended to her to quite a few of my customers, something I would never normally do unless I have complete faith in their ability.

With Jean, I have complete faith. She is one of my team and go to person now and forever. Her enthusiasm to marketing is so infectious that every time I speak to her I am absolutely buzzing with excitement and feel like a kid on Christmas Day.

Our website is now ranking at the top of google, I think we were on page 12 before LOL! We have also had more enquiries through it and are selling products direct from the website which is the proof it is working.”