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Jean is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs on their own journey to success. With over twenty years of international sales & marketing under her belt, Jean wraps all of this up into jargon-free, easy-to-understand content and advice for the new wave of entrepreneurs – you!

Jean’s clients describe her as a no-nonsense, jargon-free, say-it-as-it-is individual who embeds herself within your business to get to know you, your business and your customers. All this is topped off with oodles of passion, fun and creativity.

Okay. That’s enough of the third-person. Hi, I’m Jean and I live and breath business. I just love it. I like that I can be visually creative one minute and then number crunching the next. Yes I am successful and I’m not ashamed of saying that, because the reality of business is that there is nobody else who is going to go out of their way to champion you better than yourself.

Okay. Maybe family members, but other than that it’s you versus all those other wonderful entrepreneurs just as passionate, skilled and excited as you.

I have always been entrepreneurial, setting up my first business in 2000 selling lingerie outside of work hours. Fast forward to 2011 where I returned to work after having my daughter. I came to the realisation that travelling the world and being a mum just wasn’t going to work for my family. A quick conversation with my husband and I left my global role in marketing to set up on my own.

Did I know any other entrepreneurs? No. Did I have any potential customers? No. Did I have something that people wanted? Yes. Was I scared? Yes. Was I excited? Heck Yes!

If I’d have sought out specialist support in the early days, I’d have found my true calling quicker and made more sales in those first three years. The skills I had developed during my time in corporate certainly gave me an advantage, but nothing could have prepared me – or my family – for the commitment, dedication and down-right tenaciousness needed to succeed.

Twelve years on and I would tell my younger self to invest in specialist support earlier in the journey in order to achieve success sooner. Hindsight is a powerful tool!

Jean Atkinson

BA (Hons) DipM FCIM, Chrt. Marketer, Cert. Ed