Business Mentoring

Looking for another perspective, impartiality, a safe space to discuss your business and the confidence to make sound decisions?

Like myself, most successful entrepreneurs will credit a good proportion of their success to the support, guidance and knowledge they received from their business mentor.

Now it’s your turn to reap the benefits of mentoring! By committing 100% to the process, clients find the journey enlightening, engaging, exciting and effective. Don’t delay, let’s arrange your discovery call.


Pre-Start-Up Support

Pre-Start-Thinking of leaving employment to start your own business, and want to give yourself the best chance of success in your new venture?

Are you ready to turn your back on being an employee and set up on your own? Do you feel it’s time to take that passion of yours and monetise it?

Before you jump in both feet first and invest a lot of time, energy and money in setting up a business, let’s work together using my VisionMapper  to validate your ideas, roadmap your journey and prepare yourself for the ride of your life!


Marketing Consultancy

Not sure how to pull all of your sales & marketing activity together and align it with your business goals to see a return on investment?

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail. This is never truer than when it comes to your sales and marketing activity. Hands up if you have a marketing plan in place? If it’s a Yes then you deserve a gold star. If it’s No then you’re not alone.

I work with individuals and SMEs to create and implement marketing plans and schedules or with an existing plan to bring new ideas to the table, create campaigns and introduce new ways of thinking to Make it Happen.