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Marketing Training

In-person or online, group or individual, I can assist with your marketing training requirements to ensure you have the right marketing skills in-house.

Digital marketing can be a minefield. Maybe you are on Instagram and just not getting any new followers or conversion. Mailchimp is proving difficult to get your head around to create those all important transaction and marketing emails. You are keen to embrace all that Canva has to offer to create engaging and compelling campaigns, but can’t wrap your head around it. Well do not despair.  I can assist you or your team in upskilling and taking control of your marketing.


Marketing Mentoring

Looking for another perspective, impartiality, sound marketing advice? Then you've come to the right place...

Like myself, most entrepreneurs will credit a good proportion of their success down to the support, guidance and knowledge they receive from a mentor. I specialise in providing marketing mentoring to business owners, problem-solving anything and everything to do with the marketing of your business. Whether you’re focused on securing new customers or want to keep the ones you have and get them spending more, then I’m here to assist.


Marketing Consultancy

Not sure how to pull all of your sales & marketing activity together and align it with your business goals to see a return on investment?

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail. This is never truer than when it comes to your sales and marketing activity. Hands up if you have a marketing plan in place? If it’s a Yes then you deserve a gold star. If it’s No then you’re not alone.

I work with individuals and SMEs to create and implement marketing plans and schedules or with an existing plan to bring new ideas to the table, create campaigns and introduce new ways of thinking to Make it Happen.