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The difference between “single opt-in” permission to send email and “double opt-in” permission to do so is...

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What can you use to personalise an email?

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What simple, inexpensive method of testing can significantly increase the response to your email campaigns?

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In order to meet legal compliance, any email must contain an “unsubscribe” option.

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Some emails can be categorised as “broadcast” emails, to be sent to your entire audience.  Other emails can be categorised as what, to be sent only when something specific occurs, such as the watching of a video or buying a product.

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What is the best way to go about compiling your email list?

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Any email you send should have some sort of exclusive offer, discount, or path to purchase.  An email without an offer is a waste of your resources.

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When you send an email message, and get a reply from the ISP that the email address is no longer valid, it’s called ...

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You’re sending a transactional email, an email that confirms a purchase, a signup, or some such transaction.  True or False?  It’s perfectly legal to include marketing messaging in that email.

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What is the term used for unwanted or unsolicited emails?

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